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The Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule is the perfect way to reveal the mysteries hidden within the show. Transport yourself back to the 1980’s, unbox the retro TV and begin to unlock the mysteries of the capsule.

Each capsule contains:

  • Clue Card Pack
  • Card Pack
  • Surprise Poly Bag with a character figurine
  • Surprise Poly Bay with a character figurine accessories

Clue Cards: How to Play

  1. Jonathan’s Red Room – Help reveal what photo Jonathan has take. Use water to reveal the image. The reverse of the card will show the checklist of the figurines you have
  2. Palace Arcade – Help Eleven get to her friends but watch out for the Demogorgon! Scratch each circle to reveal symbols. The Symbols will reveal clues on who the character is. The reverse of the card will show the part of Series 4 poster. Collect all cards to make the full image.

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