Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warrior Starter Set

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This boxed set includes:
  • 1x 80-page Warrior Edition Book (softback): Discover the lore of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, as well as the background of the factions and units in the book. The book also contains several introductory tutorial battleplans that utilise the miniatures in the set, designed to teach you the basics of the game in manageable chunks.
  • 1x 56-page Core Rules Book (softback): Taking all the rules content from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book (available separately), this book is ideal for when you're ready to expand your army and battle other players.
  • 18x Plastic push-fit Citadel miniatures: At the heart of the Warrior set are two armies of brand new miniatures, each cleverly designed so they can be pushed together without the need for glue. Each force includes two powerful units armed with devastating weaponry and wargear, and they can easily be bolstered with additional reinforcements to act as the elite core of a larger army.
These models include:
  • 6x Stormcast Eternals
  • 1x Knight-Arcanum
  • 5x Vindictors
  • 12x Kruleboyz
  • 1x Killaboss with 1x Stab-grot
  • 10x Gutrippaz
  • 4x Warscroll Cards and 2x Allegiance Ability Cards
  • 1x Dawnbringer Bastion Cardboard Terrain Feature
  • A 30" by 22.4" double-sided gaming mat
  • 2x range rulers and 10x dice
  • 2x Rules Reference Sheets

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